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PageManager Pro 2.5

PageManager Pro provides you with a low cost advanced alarm monitoring and notification utility. Using 24 hour, 7 day scheduling, critical network alarms can be quickly identified and forwarded to the scheduled network personnel, ensuring that network downtime is kept to a minimum. The alarm messages can be forwarded to alphanumeric pagers, e-mail addresses, and/or mobile phones. PageManager Pro even provides a full detail log report of all the alarms that were sent.

Since PageManager Pro is part of our NotificationWorks it can run on many different types of Network Management consoles or with NO management consoles. You do this just by choosing what "Service Module" to use. The currently available service modules are:

The SNMPListener for Windows NT/2000/XP will allow you to monitor alarms and forward them to PageManager Pro WITHOUT ANY OTHER MANAGEMENT CONSOLES or run it with ANY management consoles, like Microsoft's SMS,  or Novell's ZENworks for Servers, etc.

Installation of PageManager Pro is very simple, you just run the setup program and within minutes the installation is complete.

New Features in v2.5:

  • WEB FORM SUPPORT - Send alarms to web pages.
  • MESSAGE DELIVERY ALTERNATES ON FAILURE - Will use alternate assigned means to send out alarms if delivery method fails.
  • SNPP SUPPORT - Supports Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP) which is a new method that is being supported by many companies to send messages.
  • WIRELESS MODEM - Supports sending messaging using a cellular network text messaging system.
  • FIREWALL- Tunnels, SOCK4 and SOCK5. It also has support for even custom firewalls.
  • MESSAGE DELIVERY CONFIRMATION - Have alarm delivery confirmation via email reply.

Improved Features:

  • E-MAIL SUPPORT - Full email support using (E)SMTP.
  • MOBILE PHONES SUPPORT - Forward alarms to cell phones using (E)SMTP or Text Messaging.
  • MAJOR PAGERS SUPPORTED - Supports SMS paging using TAP/UCP protocols and Text Terminals using XML scripting allowing for both International and US support.
  • MULTIPLE MODEM POOLING - Assigned personnel to a specific modem to provide modem pooling. This means that if your system has more than one modem with separate phone lines you can have PageManager Pro use them all.
  • REDUNDANCY ROLES - Have two copies of Noticationworks running and they will monitor each other and provide fail safe redundancy.
  • HEART BEAT NOTIFICATIONS - Have notifications sent at regular times to verify condition of your monitoring and notification system.
  • SPECIFIC ALARM & SERVER MONITORING - Assign one or more network personnel to a specific alarm or group of alarms from all or specific group of devices.
  • PERSONNEL SCHEDULES - Assign network personnel by days and times on a 24 hour, 7 day calendar.
  • REPORTS - Full logging of alarm notification sent and errors.
  • EXPORTING DATA - Exporting assignments and alarm logs to reports.
  • DUPLICATE ALARM FILTERING - Filter out duplicate alarms that happen within time frames.
  • DOWNSTREAM ALARM FILTERING - For example you can create a device hierarchy that will filter out alarms from devices that are "downstream" from a downed router.
  • ALARM CORRELATION FILTERING - Setup correlating alarms pairs that, when received within specified amount of minutes, will cancel them self.
  • CUSTOM ALARMS - Send notification alarm when a specific alarm has been filter a number of times.
  • NETWORK MANAGEMENT CONSOLES - Will run with most network management consoles, including Novell's ManageWise, HP OpenView, CiscoWorks 2000 etc...
  • AUTO RUN - Auto launch by adding to Windows Startup group or as a service.
  • INACTIVE PERSONNEL SCHEDULING - You can schedule when someone will be unavailable to receive notifications using a full calendar. This allows you to schedule vacations, days off, etc. and assign someone else to automatically cover their schedule.
  • RUNS ON ALL WINDOWS VERSIONS - Compatible with all 32 bit Windows versions.
  • TEMPLATES - Using schedule and assignment templates make it very easy to managed the personnel list. It's like using groups.


Pricing by user count.
Users are those that are scheduled to receive alarm notifications
5 Users $475.00
10 Users $750.00
25 Users $1175.00
50 Users $1550.00
Unlimited Users $2525.00

Upgrading from Older PageManager Pro Versions:
For those of you looking to upgrade from PageManager Pro 2.2, here are some of the new features in PageManager Pro 2.3

  •  Database ODBC Compatible.
  •  DataBase Foxpro compatible.
  •  Downstream alarm filtering.
  •  Alarm Correlation filtering.
  •  Add or remove node assignments from multiple selected personnel.
  •  Full Multiple node assignment management.
  •  Cloning Personnel now includes the ability to add, replace or remove the Alarm or node assignments from the target personnel.
  •  Alarm list now allows selecting multiple, non-adjacent alarms.
  •  Can now see assigned alarms that multiple personnel have in common and their common time schedules.
  •  Can now assign someone else to take over personnel's assignment when they are not active for that day and set up the time of  day it should begin and end, ie. June 4, from 7:00am-9:00pm
  •  Personnel names can now be renamed on the fly.
  •  PMPro is now about 10 times quicker.
  •  Now supports ESMTP mail (authentication).
  •  Email can now hove multiple (E)SMTP gateways.
  •  Alarm Log can now be any size without causing issues.
  •  Alarm log now supports customized filtering and printing.

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