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The NotificationWorks is a collection of modules that provide network management notification solutions that can be added to an existing network management environment or be the environment. The collection of modules can perform network monitoring, notification via pager/e-mail, response escalations, and reports, with astounding flexibility and detailed control. By using this modular solution, it provides users with the available to pick and choose only those modules they need and thus, build their own network management solution that fits their needs. 


The NotificationWorks can provide the complete solution or expand the abilities of other network management environments such as: 

  • Novell's ManageWise
  • Novell's ZENworks for Servers
  • CiscoWorks 2000
  • Compaq's Insight Manager
  • Microsoft's SMS
  • CableTron's SPECTRUM
  • OpenView's Network Node Manager
  • CastleRock's SNMPc
  • And many more...

The NotificationWorks consists of a collection of modules that fall into three categories: Independent Modules, Services Modules and Applications Modules. 

Application Modules (Need to run with at least one Service Module): 

  • PageManager Pro - Send alarms to pagers, e-mails, cell phones, with complete scheduling, filtering, and escalation.
  • Report Manager (coming soon)- Creates web reports for network problem trends, downtimes, service responses, etc.
  • Alarm Vocalizer Pro - Have network alarms verbally spoken through your PC.
  • Web Inspector (coming soon)- Monitors web sites, links, latency, space, etc.
  • SNMPForwarder (coming soon)- PageManager Pro snap-in, allowing alarms to be forward to other management consoles.

Service Modules (Need to run with at least one Application Module): 

  • ManageWise Adapter - Forwards alarms from Novell's ManageWise to all Application Modules.
  • SNMPListener - Forwards SNMP alarms to all Application Modules. Note: Not needed if using the ManageWise Adapter.
  • AlarmGen - Create custom alarm messages and send them by launching AlarmGen from other third-party applications.
  • Node Monitor - Monitors log files, memory, uptimes, CPU, space, and much more.
  • CiscoWorks 2000 Adapter - Translates the 2 CiscoWorks SNMP traps into almost 40 specific CiscoWorks alarms.
  • OpenView Network Node Manager Adapter - Forward alarms from OpenView NNM to our NotificationWorks Application Modules. Supports ANY OpenView NNM OS
  • CastleRock's SNMPc - Forwards alarms from CastleRock's SNMPc management console. It doesn't even have to run on the same system.

Independent Modules (Can run without any other modules): 

  • WinMan - Gives Novell's ManageWise the ability to save and recall "Desktop views."Now, finally you have a choice. You can now "build" your own network management solution that fits YOUR needs and not what others force on you.