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Extensive Support and Upgrades can be obtained with our yearly support contract:

Documents for NotificationWorks supporting other Management Solutions:

Novell ZENworks for Servers:
Modules needed: SNMPListener service module.
Install our SNMPListener along with any other NotificationWorks application module (PageManager Pro) then compile your SNMP v.1 MIBs into our SNMPListener. Then configure your main ZENworks server to forward it's traps to the NT/2000 PC running our SNMPListener. Here is a Novell link showing how to forward ZENworks alarms:
How to forward SNMP Traps from ZENworks

Forwarding ZENworks  SNMP Traps to Other Management Systems
AMS can be configured to forward an unmodified SNMP trap. Specify the IP address of the target management station or server in the alarm disposition and the trap is automatically forwarded.
To forward SNMP traps:

Right-click the ZENworks for Servers site object in the left frame of ConsoleOne > click Properties.
Click the Alarm Disposition tab.
Select the alarm that you want to edit from the Alarm Templates list > click Edit.
The Edit Alarm Disposition screen is displayed.
Click the SNMP Trap Forwarding tab.
Enter the IP address of the server to which you want to forward traps in the SNMP Target Address field > click Add.
The server is added to the List of Targets. Repeat this step for all servers you want to receive the traps.
Click OK.

HP OpenView Network Node Manager
Modules needed: Our Adapter for HP OpenView service module.
You can install our Adapter for HP OpenView on the same Windows PC running Openview OR if it is a Unix version of OpenView then install our Adapter on a Windows PC then configure our Adapter to connect remotely to the Unix version of OpenView. Our Adapter can run remotely or on the same PC as OpenView.

TRAPD.CONF File Locations








Cisco's CiscoWorks 2000
Modules needed: Our Adapter for CiscoWorks 2000.
This installation is fairly simple. Our Adapter for CiscoWorsk 2000 can run of the same PC as CiscoWorks 2000 or remotely. The main task is to enable the CiscoWorks Trap Notifier Adapter. Here is the Cisco link showing how to configure this:
Configuring Cisco's CiscoWorks 2000 Cisco Trap Notifier Adapter

IPSwitch's WhatsUp Gold
Modules needed: Our AlarmGen Pro
For Paging then our PageManager Pro
For Vocalizing then also our AlarmVocalizer Pro

  1. You will need to download our WhatsUpConfig file.
  2. Install our AlarmGen Pro and our PageManager Pro and/or AlarmVocalizer Pro
  3. Unzip the wugconfig.zip and copy the AlarmGen.dat into the AlarmGenPro directory, ie:
        C:\Program Files\NotificationSuite\AlarmGenPro
  4. Copy the AlarmGenWUG file into the WUG's Program directory, ie:
  5. If the drive and directories are different then above then you will need to edit the AlarmGenWUG file. You do this from WUG's Configure->Notifications Library->Program Select our AlarmGenWUG then click edit. Change the drive and directory in both the "Program filename" and the "Working path" to match your installation drive and directory. Leave the "Program arguments:" as we set them.
  6. From our PageManager Pro's Settings tab click on the "Add new alarms to the Alarms DB". This will read in the new alarms from our AlarmGen Pro module.
  7. Now configure PMPro with personnel and alarm assignments and schedules. Check the PMPro docs for complete instructions.
  8. Restart WUG so it will read in the new settings.
  9. Configure the agremote.exe (this is the remote part of AlarmGen Pro) with the IP address of the PC that is running our NotificationWorks. More AlarmGen Pro instructions can be found at: http://www.atlantissoftware.com/help/aghelp.pdf

This should provide you with a very comprehensive alarm notification ability that is far better then the simple paging that the WUG provides. We have also noticed that WUG does not do SNMP notification (traps) very well at all, so if you also want SNMP traps then I would also recommend using our SNMPListener module.