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Application Module: Part of the Atlantis Software's NotificationWorks. Application Modules are programs that receive events (alarms) from Service Modules and provide some type of verbal or visual notification, or even a visual analysis of alarms received. Examples of Applications Modules are: 
  • PageManager Pro 
  • Alarm Vocalizer Pro 
  • Escalation Manager 
  • SNMPForwarder
Service Module: Part of the Atlantis Software's NotificationWorks. Service Modules are programs that either create, or receive events (alarms) and forward them to all Application Modules. Examples of Service Modules are: 
  • SNMPListener
  • ManageWise Adapter
  • AlarmGen Pro
  • CiscoWorks 2000 Adapter
  • Node Monitor
Events (Alarms): NotificationWorks events can be any message that you consider important. These can be SNMP traps, user defined messages, threshold triggers, etc... The type of "event" depends on the type of "Service Module" you are using. For instance, the SNMPListener Service Module forwards SNMP traps, the AlarmGen Service Module allows you to create and send your own custom messages, the ManageWise Adapter Service Module forwards ALL Novell's ManageWise received alarms. All of these messages are considered events.
Independent Module: Can run independent, doesn't need any other modules to run.
NotificationWorks: This is a network management notification solution that provides network monitoring, notification, escalation and reporting capabilities, in modular form. This provides users with the capability to pick and choose only those modules they need and thus, building their own network management solution that fits their needs. The NotificationWorks consist of a collection of modules that fall into two categories, Services and Applications. These modules connect and communicate with each other through the main control program called, Event Manager, (EventMan), which manages all of the modules. The Event Manager comes free with the purchase of any of the modules. Keep in mind that in order for the NotificationWorks to function you must have at the minimum 1 Application Module and 1 Service Module.
Licensed by User: This means that the software is licensed by how many people are going to be using it on that console, NOT by how many people are on the network. For instance, if you have hundreds of people on a network but only 5 people need to use the software then you only need to purchase a 5 user license for that console. But keep in mind that the license will NOT allow more than the license count to use the software, if more are needed or if you need to run it on more than one console then more licenses will need to be purchased.
Licensed by Console: This means that the software is licensed by console. It does not matter how many nodes you have or how many people are on the network. For Instance, if you have 2 HP OpenView consoles and want our Notification Suite running on both sites then you will need to purchase two copies of the program, one to run at each console.  
A console is the PC where you are going to be running the Notification Suite.