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Adapter for HP's OpenView NNM

Our Adapter for HP's OpenView Network Node Manager (NNM) is a NotificationWorks' Service Module and connects seamlessly into NNM receiving all alarms that are received, created or sent by NNM.

There are no settings or changes needed to be done to NNM, you just configure our Adapter with the IP address of the NNM station and it will automatically connect and begin receiving alarms. If you want run our Adapter on a different PC and connect remotely to NNM then the only other configuration step is to configure our Adapter to know where the NNM's trapd.conf file is located.

Our Adapter supports the NNM trapd.conf file. This means that any MIBs, or alarm/event changes you do to NNM will be seen by our NotificationWorks solution.


  • RUN LOCAL/REMOTE- Adapter for NNM can run on the same PC (if it is the Windows version of NNM) or connect remotely. The remote option is the one to use if your NNM is a non-Windows version.
  • SUPPORTS TRAPD.CONF - Supports changes and modifications to the trapd.conf file in real time.
  • EASE OF USE - There is nothing you need to do to the NNM, you just run our Adapter and configure IP address, location of trapd.conf file and it will begin receiving alarms. 

System Requirements: 



Pricing by consoles
$225.00 per NotificationWorks Console   

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