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Adapter for CiscoWorks DFM

Our Adapter for CiscoWorks DFM is a NotificationWorks' Service Module and provides the ability to translate the two CiscoWorks SNMP traps into more then 50 specific alarms.  
CiscoWorks DFM stuffs all of their alert information into two SNMP Traps. Thus making it very difficult to do any scheduling or filtering based on a specific event. Working closely with Cisco we were able to create an software adapter that translates these two SNMP traps into more then 50 specific alarms. This provides the means to do very comprehensive filtering and scheduling. 

You just turn on the CiscoWorks DFM SNMP agent and configure it to forward it's SNMP traps to the system that is running our NotificationWorks system. Our Adapter for CiscoWorks DFM will receive the trap and do the translations. 


  • TRANSLATES CISCOWORKS TRAPS - Translates the two CiscoWorks DFM SNMP traps into more then 50 specific alarms.
  • LOGS ANY UNKNOWN ALARMS - Should Cisco add any new alarm information to their system, our adapter can save it to a log file. This log file can then be used to expand the available list of translated alarms.
  • ALARM LIST EXPANDABLE - All alarms are contained in a editable control, providing easy expandability.
System Requirements:  Pricing: 

Pricing by consoles
$225.00 per NotificationWorks Console   

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