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WinMan for ManageWise

WinMan is a window manager for Novell's ManageWise console screens. With WinMan, you can save ManageWise screens into a WinMan profile that can be reloaded with just a click of the mouse. No longer do you have to remember what management screens that were running, nor do you have to close one set of screens and open another set then size, and position them. WinMan will do all of this for you.

All you do is run the WinMan from ManageWise's Tool menu. Tell WinMan what name to use for this set of ManageWise screens, then WinMan will save all the opened ManageWise screens into your profile. WinMan does not stay in memory, so valuable system resources are not consumed.

Installation of WinMan is very simple, you just run the setup program and within seconds the installation is complete.


  • TASK MANAGEMENT - Since you can have an unlimited amount of profiles, you can tailor your screens to fit specific management tasks.
  • AUTOLOADING - You can have WinMan autoload a profile as ManageWise loads.
  • QUICK LOAD - You can set up a default profile that can be reloaded from the ManageWise Tools menu.
  • QUICK SAVE - You can save the currently open ManageWise screens into a default profile without going into the WinMan configuration.
  • EXPORT PROFILES - You can copy the profiles to other ManageWise consoles that are running WinMan.
System Requirements:
  • Windows 95,98 and NT
  • ManageWise 2.x
  • 100k of disk space

Pricing per ManageWise console.


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