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Alarm Vocalizer Pro

Announcing a Breakthrough NotificationWorks Module! Add Voice to Your Alarms! Are you having a difficult time hearing that ManageWise beep? Have you set up your alarms to beep, only to get the same beep when different things happen?  

Alarm Vocalizer Pro will give it a voice. Alarm Vocalizer will actually verbally announce in English any alarm you wish through your sound board or even assign your own wave sound files. Would you like to only hear specific alarms? With Alarm Vocalizer Pro, you can configure your system to announce when certain alarms come in, or easily filter by alarm severity. 

The Alarm Vocalizer Pro,  adds voice to all alarms. Set up management consoles to tell you verbally when something happens. The Alarm Vocalizer Pro can also be set to record alarms. 


  • Verbalizes the whole alarm text using Microsoft's Text to Speech engine
  • Alarms can be assigned any of the 3 sound depositions:
    1. No sound
    2. Verbalize - The text gets verbalized using the TTS engine
    3. Sound File - Plays a sound file
  • The ability to assign sound depositions to all parts of the alarm message:
    1. Node Name that sent the alarm
    2. Severity name
    3. Alarm message
  • Plugs into Atlantis Software's NotificationWorks
  • Compatible with Windows 95b, 98 and NT
  • Alarms can be set to repeat till they have been acknowledged
  • Can add and modify how words are spoken using the Lexicon editor
  • Can filter alarms by nodes
  • Filter out duplicate alarms that arrive with in a defined time
  • Full report log that shows when and if the alarm was acknowledged
System Requirements: 
  • Windows 95b,98 or NT/2000
  • At least one NotificationWorks' Sevice Module
  • MS-Window's compatible sound card