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AlarmGen Pro

provides the ability to create and send your own custom alarms. AlarmGen Pro has two parts, the AlarmGen Pro "Server" service module and the AlarmGen Remote. You create your custom alarms using the AlarmGen Pro "Server", then from ANY Windows PC that has IP access to the server, you run the AlarmGen Remote, passing in the alarm you want to send. You can run the AlarmGen Remote from any Windows based application that has the ability to run other programs, or from batch files, or a custom application, etc.

One customer who is using AlarmGen Pro is a power company.  They have a custom application that monitors pipe pressure and temperature and when a set threshold is reached they wanted to be notified. Since their application had the ability to launch another program, they configured it to run our AlarmGen Remote (agremote.exe). Which then sends the required alarm to our AlarmGen Pro server running in another building, which then forwards it to our PageManage Pro.

Remote PC


PC running our NoticationWorks

App runs agremote


sends alarm
via IP


AlarmGen Pro
Server receives alarm and forwards it to EventMan


Event Manager
forwards received alarms to all registered Application Modules


PageManager Pro
Application Module)


  • MULTIPLE REMOTE APPLICATIONS - You can run the AlarmGen remote from multiple remote sites and send their alarms to the site running our NoticationWorks solution.
  • INTERNET TRANSPORT - Since AlarmGen uses IP you can send your remote alarms from anywhere in the world just as long is the AlarmGen Pro server is reachable via IP.
  • CUSTOM ALARMS - Create your own custom alarms and send them to our Notification Works solution.
  • MULTIPLE WAYS TO LAUNCH - You can run our AlarmGen Pro Remote from any application that is able to launch other programs, or from batch file, etc...

System Requirements:

  • Windows 95, 98 or NT/2000
  • At least one Application Module.



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